Friday, February 1, 2013

One Thing

How's 2013? Tough right from the start. We all have many things we want to tick off in our goal and to-do list.
Well, 2012 was really filled with so many challenges and setbacks. But, I'm glad God has given me the strength to start again. I repeated some old habits in Jan 2013 but I found that I was fed up of being ignorant and lazy and selfish.

So, I began a new journal (2012's journal didn't go quite well but better than the year b4) and started listening to sermons related to or reading about how to get things right with God and how I should start my year.

One thing to learn from the past is: never think you are too smart to do it all on your own or that you have read or gone through enough. Seek help and reminders (from the right sources, pls) . For me, my help was from books/articles and mostly sermons online.

We often fail because we aim to do too many things. If you have been failing, try doing one thing at a time this year.

Here's one example.

To listen online:

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