Dust mites and Allergy

I've been having breathing and allergy issues for a long time.
But, I never knew that dust mites or other microorganisms may contribute to allergy.

Anyway, I finally changed my pillow after seeing videos about what may be growing on my "dirty" pillow..haha..i think some of us don't bother changing as the pillow is comfortable.

I've lost lots of sleep and so I was desperate to clear out anything that may be affecting my health. You can google more about dust mites, etc. If you see the videos in youtube, you may feel geli...ewwwwwwwww

Go find out lah..this is no joke wei....



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Is there more to life?

It's been a long time since I blogged, but I just had to share something which happened on 17th Dec 2011, in line with the Christmas Season.

What would you say or do if you were in this situation?

It all began at my church's Christmas Musical Drama, I happened to bump into an old Indian man who needed to know where the toilet was. I led him to the toilet and he asked me to wait for him as he wanted to ask me some questions. Well, I waited .

He then came out and we started talking.

“I don't know why I am here” said the old man.
“People have been cruel to me although I have been kind to them”
“When I die, I want them to die with me too, I curse them”
“I am just waiting to leave this earth”

etc etc etc

You could see that he was a person who was really disappointed with this world and was hopeless.
I nodded and tried my best to show concern. I asked him to go back to watch the drama. He kept saying he didn't know why he was here then he repeated many things he said before.

In my heart I was praying “God, help me deal with this”
“Can I really help him?”
“Give me words to say” ….

He then said more stuff
“ You are a very lucky young man. You look very confident and don't have much problems.”

In my mind I responded “yeah right.....”

He then asked me to sit and chat with him at a corner. I was reluctant but I had no reason to say no.
So we sat somewhere and the more awkward part came. He decided to hold my hand and said “I've lost the human touch. I hope you understand why I am touching you. “

There were moments of silence and awkwardness but he seemed to feel very comfortable with holding my hand and continued ask and say more stuff. I don't think I can remember all but there are some which stood out.

“Life has no meaning...Can you tell me why we exist in this earth..We just live and then die”

I responded by asking him “WHERE will you go after you die???” He kind of avoided the question so I had to tell him that it was gonna be heaven or hell. Well, he didn't seem to be bothered.

To make things short, I did eventually tell him about Jesus, etc etc
He was clearly less than convinced. I was still stuck with him, waiting for the drama to end as I needed to go int to play the guitar for the closing.

There were tough questions like “ How do parents deal with life if they have mentally retarded children ?
“ the Befrienders are useless, do you think someone will call them if he is about to commit suicide?”
etc etc

The questions struck me as I can't be answering what God only could answer.
All I could say is “God will give people a chance to know about Him. Just like you have met me for a reason perhaps??”

I then told him about my problem. The recent and most troublesome was my health issues. (just a summary: I have some difficulty breathing properly due to some kind of allergy and have difficulty sleeping...it's really too hard to explain but it is really painful to go through)
I said life is really tough. God never promised us that all will go nicely as we think it would.
“God is more concerned with our character and only He knows what's best for us.”
I said that although at that point I was also struggling with my problems, especially the health issue. It was really hard to trust God as I had been having that problem for a long time.
There are also other issues but I don't think I'll mention them here.

“Argh........give me one more chance!!!!!” These were among the screams by those who were going to hell on judgment day. The drama was about to end. I had to get ready.

I told the old man I had to leave and offered to pray for him. While praying, he took my hand and placed it on his head. He still held on to my hand after I stood up and wanted to leave.

“Will I get to see you again? “

How nice if this was said by the girl of my dreams...haha

I told him he can go to my church...he was not interested. I had to leave and said goodbye...

The story ends but questions still linger in my head. I'm sure many of us ignore these questions(the ones above and other tough questions)...Can we really love the unloved, lost or lonely people? Are we so caught up with our own little world? Is there really more to life???
Can we really trust God??

Ignorance is bliss but I choose trust in Jesus, the reason for the season...Life is tough but at least we have a greater being to rely on...easier said than done but I'm still holding on.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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