Giving Feedback?

Note: This isn't about a restaurant :P - Hidden Meaning - Isi Tersirat - An analogy

You go to a restaurant and have some comments about the environment and more importantly, how the food tastes. Comments about improvement and addition.
You tell the people who work there.
They say they appreciate your comments.They don't see why they should change and they are doing well.
The impression you get is as if this was the reply " If you think you are so smart, come and work here lah" Or "Mind your own business"

The issue here is: I can't possibly walk in and make a change just like that. Yes, they have worked hard but improvements can be made.
I find people don't really like to receive feedback although they ask for it. (Or seem to encourage it).
So, people end up keeping quiet....shhhh. That's my concern.

Sounds familiar? Haha. I personally have gone through 2 different scenarios this year.

Note: I dare not say that I am in the right and my feedback should be taken seriously. I have so much more to learn in terms of getting the message across and taking action, instead of just using words :)

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Why this issue?

As much as I "know" that there are divine reasons for our problems, I can't help but wonder why...

Is it a consequence, a trial or what?

It has been more than 3 years that I've been experiencing this uncertain disease..Respiratory Allergy or Mild Asthma? It goes up and down ... And somehow I have a feeling it happens only in Penang. Weird!!!!!

Here's something I blogged about 3 years ago regarding this issue.

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Encouragement through Listening

Being a Christian, it really really gets tough at times...listening to one sermon on Sunday may not be sufficient as we are bombarded 24x7 !!!!

Reading the bible, is one thing, but faith does come by hearing the Word of God, right?
What better way than to listen to sermons?

It can be a beneficial way to make use the time wasted when stuck in traffic jams.
Good also when your brain is jammed by the worries of life and such.

These are some examples which I have personally listened to and found encouragement / timely reminders:

If you wanna know how to download from these sites, ask me lah..

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