Dear Christian friends,

Do you ever feel guilty that you don't share the gospel or the good news to your friends? Or is there someone who is in need of healing but you just don't dare to invite that person to church?

Just recently, there was an evangelist from India who does many miracles in Jesus' name. A friend's name came to my mind but I just didn't dare to invite him to church. Perhaps I was reluctant as he had gone once before for healing but did not receive it. This has really bothered me. Is my heart so cold?
The worst part, I had not spoken to him for quite some time.

On a related note, there was another friend whom I had known from university. I never really found the opportunity in our conversations to speak to him about God. All i could do was include him in my prayer request list(which i IGNORED for quite some time, sigh...)
Just last week, he came to Penang for a visit. He said that he will be leaving for the UK and won't  be back for a long time. Well, I thought that it has to be "now or never". I was slowly getting into the topic of religion and eventually we started talking about it. Amazingly, he just became a Christian roughly 2 months ago through someone who "thinks the way he thinks".
From this, I can only conclude/assume that I wasn't meant to be the one who would lead him to Jesus.

Has the church become a place where we learn about plucking oranges(saving souls) week after week after week...BUT, we are happy to see just 1 or 2 oranges being plucked occasionally? Why aren't we ourselves plucking those ripe oranges? (ripe = those receptive or in need of the gospel)

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