It can get really frustrating when you can't give or find answers to tough questions.

I have been bombarded with all sorts of questions within a sort time and the worst part, I'm questioning myself and God. I can't even help myself and now I have to help others? It does feel like being a hypocrite

- a Muslim friend asks about Jesus being takes so much time to even study this
- a friend going tough times and all we can say is I will pray for you???
- at my work place, customers ask all sorts of questions
- questions about life , what success is , am I at fault to be where I am?
- am I on the right path?
- apologetic questions
the list goes on

God, I need help!

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Under Attack

This post will only apply to Christians, who are trying to walk with God, who try to follow Him.

It seems that we tend to fail in so many ways. I get very frustrated that I have battles that non-Christians don't have to fight. It's like we have so much to do(and not do) and the burden gets so heavy.

But, I am reminded that we are constantly under attack. We are tempted to give up, to give in, to complain, etc etc. Every time I fail, it feels like it an impossible task to try again. Somehow, I get up and ask God for help. TRY!

I don't want to use the excuse that men are not perfect to go on doing what is wrong or do not do what is right. In my imperfection, I can go to Jesus and ask Him to lead, one step at a step in the road to holiness. This is the hope we have, that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Are you doing anything about this? When was the last time you read a Christian article or listened to sermons?

The link below is something related to "being under attack".

 This sermons also really speaks a lot:

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One Thing

How's 2013? Tough right from the start. We all have many things we want to tick off in our goal and to-do list.
Well, 2012 was really filled with so many challenges and setbacks. But, I'm glad God has given me the strength to start again. I repeated some old habits in Jan 2013 but I found that I was fed up of being ignorant and lazy and selfish.

So, I began a new journal (2012's journal didn't go quite well but better than the year b4) and started listening to sermons related to or reading about how to get things right with God and how I should start my year.

One thing to learn from the past is: never think you are too smart to do it all on your own or that you have read or gone through enough. Seek help and reminders (from the right sources, pls) . For me, my help was from books/articles and mostly sermons online.

We often fail because we aim to do too many things. If you have been failing, try doing one thing at a time this year.

Here's one example.

To listen online:

Download Link:

Did you start this year with a Resolution?  Most New Year's Resolutions fail, often because we don't know the best way to achieve the goal we hope to accomplish.   As we start 2013, James Merritt talks about the Biblical way of keeping that New Year's...

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