coincidence or divine intervention?

Lots of stuff have been happening in just the past 1 month plus.

I look back and I can only thank God for answering prayers.

I also thought of the prayers i made, which I don't know if many people would even pray for.

For example, would you pray for people to break up? haha..wait wait..not so bad lah..

There were two Christian friends of mine (not so close ones) who were in a relationship with non-christians...they themselves aren't going to church pula....
ok. I do not look down on them. I just prayed coz something tells me to.

Guess wat??? (after quite some time) these 2 broke up with their respective partners and I can see them in church today....weird..i just said random prayers when this issue came to mind...i was even bothered one night to wake up and pray coz I couldn't sleep..
I do believe their parents prayed for them too..despite not knowing what they were doing..

i really don't want to sound religious..if u live with me..u will know how irresponsible i can be...i'm not very prayerful at times......i had to learn...even now still slack..BUT God never slacks...

Another example?

I have a list ...maybe one day i will share.
I can mention that God can even answer prayers that involve other people...relationships, secrets, friendship...amazing to see how things turned out! financial issues? many times...

I may sound so spiritual but I totally dare not say I did it all on my was all by the grace of God...all were arranged by God.

I am currently still asking God to teach me how to seek his kingdom first...I failed here and there but there are also victory reports.

So don't give up praying! Delays may turn out for the better..
Delays can only make us stronger or help us avoid unwanted baggages in our lives.

Here's a song for this post: Stronger by Mandisa (From the Upcoming Album "What If We Were Real")

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