True Love Obeys: Why We Abstain from Premarital Sex

Something i'd love to write about. However, as I can't write that well, I might as well share what others have written. 

It's more than just this one act. Why do you even bother obeying God in any other area in your life? What other things are you waiting for?

" many of us have to wait for one thing or another. "

"Why does sexual patience so easily slip into the territory of religion, whereby waiting becomes a means of manipulating and using God to get what we want? "

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Fellowship? ("Christian ones")

Just a thought about Christian fellowship.Why do we hang out with other Christians or go for Cell Groups , CF or any other name it is called?

What people call fellowship nowadays seem to be getting together with Christians to watch a football game, go to a Cafe and talk about ANYTHING BUT the glory of God. It's a huge shame that Christian's have lost such a huge part of their Christian pilgrimage in this age. (taken from somebody's comments at a youtube video )

I find the above statement really true nowadays.
(I fail too) We may have a position, serve in church or be senior in church, etc. However, when it comes to fellowship, I observed that it is still easier to talk about every other thing than about God, His works, miracles, etc etc.

Christian fellowship is really lacking. It's not about being religious all the time. Lacking means when we don't have enough of it. There must be a balance.

Even on facebook, people will share Gangnam Style(which I haven't watched until now) but rarely share about the goodness of God. (may not be true, just from my narrow point of view)

From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So, does it show that the lesser we talk bout God, we don't really have much of him in our hearts?
hmmmm..well, some people are quiet in nature. Some are doers of the Word although they talk less. Talking is just not enough, I know.
Faith acting out in works will be another topic.

So why do we need Christian Fellowship? Coz we need each other. We need to be encouraged. We need to know that others are running this race with us. Being a Christian does get really lonely at times.(nobody will tell you that rite????)

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