"Busy" Resting

I have been waiting for a day when I can peacefully sit down and blog.
But looks like that day may never come.

Just for those who still drop by, just to let you know why I have been so "busy".
Mainly, I was seriously affected by my job's workload + health issues (mainly respiratory). These 2 have taken lots of my sleep and impacted my health. There are other issues but I don't think I will mention this time.
No words can really describe the past many weeks.

Thank God. Things have settled down as I realize while going through all that, I was being "trained".
Life is an ongoing test. You'll never know when there will be surprise tests.
But some tests are really predictable, especially the ones we keep on failing time and time again.

Anyway, I've been learning to rest more. So, I am actually "busy" resting. Got to say NO to many things. Easier said than done coz during the past few weeks, I felt that it was beyond my control.

I looked back to "those days" and found that the dramas/shows/movies and games I played were really meaningless, especially the ones which kept me addicted.

I shall stick to 2 games: Football on the field and Pro Evolution Soccer on PC..haha

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