Love by choice?

Just wanted to share a thought by a friend.
Not everyone will get the chance/privilege to fall in love. They may have to grow to love that special someone.

On a side note, I think that love at first sight doesn't work for many people.

What do you think?

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Playing ChurchPoly?

Do you any of you still play monopoly? When I was younger, somehow I would play it when I had the chance. But, as the years went by, I kind of got of bored of it. I don't see a point in a game determined more by the dice than any other skill.

Monopoly Deal is preferable for me as I need to think and use some skills. This version requires strategy. If you can't win, you at least get to stop someone from winning. lolz

Anyway, back to the main topic. I wonder sometimes if we are satisfied playing church?
What do I mean by playing church? I think it means to just go with the motion - like moving according to the dice. We are so comfortable in our cozy buildings that we forget that the world needs us.

Aren't you "getting bored" of church routine? The 3S - Sing Sit Sermon ?
We go through the motions week after week (roll the dice and pass Go again and again). We hope that we do not land in trouble, we hope that things will get better - just like we hope to avoid landing on someone's property or to land on the property we want to buy.

 Let me be very honest. I've gone through church routine for more than 20 years of my life. I know I've not lived up to the potential that God has planned for me. So, I'm guilty just like many Christians today. I believe the church is not a building - but a living organism. We need to think out of the box - stop playing monopoly sometimes and play monopoly deal.

Another issue here is, I can't play monopoly deal alone. So, if others around me don't wanna play with me, what can I do? I'm forced to go back and play the old monopoly.
Perhaps I need to look for people who would play with me.

Ok ok, I think many won't understand the most of my post but, that's how I am - complicated. And I think too much. :) It may not have turned out the way it is supposed to be but you can still feedback right?

Are you playing "ChurchPoly" or "ChurchPoly Deal"?

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The Incredible Sulk

You'll never know when that "beast" inside will come out.
We try our best to live our lives the best we can but at times, things do get out of control.

I'm sure we are familiar with the real Hulk( Dr. Bruce Banner), who tries to avoid situations in his life that will make him change into that green beast. Don't you think we are like that sometimes? We tend to run away from situations/tasks/ responsibilities/commitments that are risky and may bring out that other side of us. However, we cannot run from these things forever, right?

Lately, the incredible sulk inside of me came out quite often. In times like these, I kind of lose sense or hope or purpose. It's weird. Many things I've planned this year have gone off track. The same old tests came, one after another.

I felt really disappointed as it is not just one thing that went wrong but it seems so many things came crumbling down. If you ask me, I may tell you 1 or 2 things but it's just really hard to tell others the situation you are in sometimes.
At times, I do realize that I've still got a lot to learn as "overconfidence" may have taken over.
I also recall lack of discipline or planning or even bad attitude/habits.
I observed that the same attribute being tested in all these problems is: PATIENCE

Thank God for a unexpected encouragement from a friend whom I have not chat with for a long time, who gave me the verse below:

Hebrews 10:35-36
35 So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! 36 Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.

Seriously, there is no point in doing anything good or right or to be patient if there is no God. 

I end with this quote by Joyce Meyer: 'Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.'


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Hey Christians, why you so quiet?

(From my narrow point of view)I find that Christians nowadays don't like to give feedback or talk about Christian stuff. You look in Facebook - majority are all about other stuff.
Some say " I love Jesus" on some nice picture or post but saying and doing is whole different thing.

I expect feedback but some people just don't want to reply/comment/feedback coz i may have posted too "long winded" questions/issues?

No, I'm not asking to talk about holy stuff all the time. But my dear Christian friends, where are you??

It's always easier to not start talking about difficult subjects as we fear that we lack the knowledge to answer.

If you watched House before, you'd think twice before arguing with him...haha.

I think some may not understand why i post this..but i'm gonna post it anyway

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This is gonna be a rare 18SX post. So, please read with caution. I think most of us are old enough to handle stuff like this, even if you are below 18.

Caution: Please do not believe everything that is mentioned this this picture as I do not have reliable proof.

Honestly, i do not know who to believe in, the article or any author who would be opposing this article.
I'm sure some Christians recall that there are sermons about "the soul-tie" or spiritual bond (i hate these jargons)..which, again, i know cannot be proven by science. It's like there is an invisible bond between 2 partners who have sex. That's why this "theory" is not really acceptable by many but somehow, I believe it.

I would like to set things straight. I obey God to honor Him. Yes, I totally fail in so many things but this particular area of sexuality is a big thing. God gave us rules for our own good.
For example, speed limits are put for our safety. But guess what, many of us still go over that limit and live til today. Maybe some got summons. But, there are those who met accidents.
Likewise, not all who who have "free sex" will show signs of being "mentally messed up". They may even be enjoying their life much more than others who are "patiently" waiting.
Just like how some people pay "duit kopi" or bribes when caught going over the speed limit. Some don't even mind paying the summons.
BUT, again, if harsher consequences occur (like accidents or death), who's responsible?

The above is a very shallow analogy, don't think too far ya...

Christians or not,  humans are born with sexual "needs". It's not wrong to have them. It would be crazy to think that we Christians do not have the same urges. The thing I believe we can do is to reduce or avoid things that will fuel this urge when the time is not yet right.

The people who practice "free sex" are happy to believe in what they believe in, I am happy to believe what I believe in. (in fact, it's more of a struggle at times).
As a Christian I cannot boast that I am "pure"( I am a sinner and have impure thoughts too). I rely on the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Questions Christians should ask themselves

I recently went to a church camp and the speaker asked us 4 questions.

1) How long have you been a Christian?
2) When were you baptized in water?
3) When were baptized in the Holy Spirit?
4) How many lives have you personally led to Christ?

For me, Question 4 is the one which makes me feel guilty. I won't say how many I have led to Christ (perhaps the number is too small) . I believe there are times we do play a part by planting seeds.
Leading people to Christ is not to be taken as some kind of "sales target" or to be done to ease the guilt within.
Do we really think that these people need Jesus?

I don't want to judge but I feel many Christians have taken things too lightly (including me).
It seems our goals are just the same as the world.
-what's the next gadget to own?
-who will i date?
-who will I marry?
-how can i make my wedding grand?
-will i progress in my career?
-when can i buy a house? next car? next smart phone?
-can I get good grades to have a "brighter" future?
-what's the next drama or movie to watch?
-where's the best place to go for a holiday?
-what the next entertainment?

The above a just a few examples of our selfish ambitions.

Do we ask these questions?
-will i be able to help those in need?
-what about the poor security guard, toilet washer, Indonesian maid, foreign workers?
-does this person need a friend?
-will I share the gospel with someone this year?
-do i want to just want to live for me,myself and I?
-do i just go to church and other church activities?
-do I really serve or feel that it's enough that I've done my part?
-am I too comfortable now?

Aren't we saved for good works? We do not do good works to be saved.

Sometimes I feel that many of us feel that we are doing ok because we are serving in church and we attend church or read the bible, etc.
I think what's more important is that we bear fruits. But are we?

Faith without works is dead!

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