Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing ChurchPoly?

Do you any of you still play monopoly? When I was younger, somehow I would play it when I had the chance. But, as the years went by, I kind of got of bored of it. I don't see a point in a game determined more by the dice than any other skill.

Monopoly Deal is preferable for me as I need to think and use some skills. This version requires strategy. If you can't win, you at least get to stop someone from winning. lolz

Anyway, back to the main topic. I wonder sometimes if we are satisfied playing church?
What do I mean by playing church? I think it means to just go with the motion - like moving according to the dice. We are so comfortable in our cozy buildings that we forget that the world needs us.

Aren't you "getting bored" of church routine? The 3S - Sing Sit Sermon ?
We go through the motions week after week (roll the dice and pass Go again and again). We hope that we do not land in trouble, we hope that things will get better - just like we hope to avoid landing on someone's property or to land on the property we want to buy.

 Let me be very honest. I've gone through church routine for more than 20 years of my life. I know I've not lived up to the potential that God has planned for me. So, I'm guilty just like many Christians today. I believe the church is not a building - but a living organism. We need to think out of the box - stop playing monopoly sometimes and play monopoly deal.

Another issue here is, I can't play monopoly deal alone. So, if others around me don't wanna play with me, what can I do? I'm forced to go back and play the old monopoly.
Perhaps I need to look for people who would play with me.

Ok ok, I think many won't understand the most of my post but, that's how I am - complicated. And I think too much. :) It may not have turned out the way it is supposed to be but you can still feedback right?

Are you playing "ChurchPoly" or "ChurchPoly Deal"?


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