Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Bribe or not to bribe?

Ever been in situation whereby you were "forced" to take a ticket or pay a "smaller amount" to escape?
 It was really a challenge as I had my 1st SAMAN. In the past, I had escaped once because the officer was "too lazy" to book me when I told him I would rather pay the saman.

This time, there was no escape. I made a turn into a one way street coz I was rushing and didn't pay much attention to the sign. How blur can I get?
This officer kept wasting my time by asking me " You mahu saman? You mahu saya tulis? Kalau tidak, macam mana? Tiga Ratus Ringgit tau, boleh??'
@#$%!!!! argh!!

This particular incident kind of affected my mood as finance is a very sensitive or big issue in my life. Money seems to fly away so fast and now this???!!
I was in the Ignite Youth worship team, playing the guitar that evening. I had to surrender to God although it was tough. Guess what? The first song significantly was, I Surrender All.
The "down" feeling was still there but I had to continually battle that feeling.

Whether Christian or not, I'm sure we have heard of people complaining about about our officials taking bribes. They complain so much but in the end, they themselves contribute to this. Yes, I understand that it would be worth it to "pay less". However, this has become an issue of integrity.
For a Christian, it has become as issue of TRUST and obedience. Do we trust God enough that he will honor those who honor him? I know I still make mistakes but I can still choose to do what's right whenever I can.

But when it comes to ourselves, will we also give in to bribery when caught for breaking the law? It may be something "small" but it is the little things in life which count.

A test like this couldn't come sooner enough as I have been listening to sermons related to obedience.
Obey God and leave the consequences to Him.

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