Friday, July 6, 2012

KLOVE / Amazing Grace Radio

I would recommend you to listen to Christian songs through either of these websites: KLOVE or Amazing Grace Radio

Sometimes, I wonder what we are using our broadband internet for.
As we know, faith comes by hearing the word of God. So, this is a really good way to do this.
I've personally been encouraged countless times while listening to these stations. I'll give a summary of these stations.

KLOVE has a mixture of songs and talking by the DJs. Stories and other info are shared from time to time. Songs can get repetitive the longer you listen but I still find it OK because sometimes we don;t really understand the song until we hear it again or go through a related circumstance.

Alternative way to listen: use Windows Media Player to play this URL.

Amazing Grace Radio is a station I just found recently. It has so much less talking and has a wider variety of songs from the latest artists to the classic ones.

Alternative way to listen to this station: Link

Be really careful at what songs you listen. Some songs are really so not beneficial and emo. Lyrics are really important because words are powerful.

One example I can think of now: Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls .
Really catchy but has useless lyrics.


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