Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Forgiveness is an issue we all face all our lives. It is generally very hard to forgive BUT it amazes me how easy some people forgive.

Let me explain.
I'm sure we understand those times when we find it so hard to forgive someone who "doesn't deserve it" .
But, what amazes me is how forgiveness is so easily given. Here's an example:
I'm sure we know of stories about how girls can so easily forgive guys who have a history of lying and sleeping around. These girls "know it" but somehow they just want to give these guys a chance. Yes, I understand we all need to give people second chances.
The question here is, is there a limit? What boundaries must be drawn? Should that girl let her guard down and surrender herself and risk being hurt?

Seriously, I don't know whether these girls fall so easily for guys like these? Izit because they are "stupid" or these guys have that charm?

BTW,  "girls" (not all ar...) , don't be so cheap lah... the guy wants, u give..apala
"ForGive" doesn't mean "AllGive" ..lolz

The above is just an example. It's really tough coz I know I forgive because God forgave me.
I personally faced the "hard to forgive" situation (and failed) but I also have people whom I somehow feel I can forgive but the situation is just complicated as that forgiveness comes with other changes to my life and others in my circle.

Life goes on and we gotta continue to learn...


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