Monday, March 18, 2013

Do you wanna be rich?

The answer to that question is yes. But in what way? I would want to be rich financially but I have always thought of those poorer and less fortunate than I am.

Would we consider a person to be successful just because of the material possessions they acquire? Often times, yes. I do feel lousy compared to them.

How then can the poor relate? When we say that God wants us to prosper, do we mean financially only? There's a verse saying "It is God who gives us the power to gain wealth". But I feel this is often misused.
If you read it carefully, it actually means "God chooses those whom he wants to be rich" (referring to material wealth). That means, God has the right to allow people to be poor or better to say, not rich.

The rich will then have the opportunity to bless the poor, not lavishly spend on themselves only.

Now, what about us who are not poor but just surviving? We dream of being rich or owning a business but can we? Should we?

It is good to dream but meanwhile, let us have the right perspective of true riches.

We need to be rich INSIDE! I feel this can be applied to all.

I don't have time to summarize so I hope you will spend time reading an article and listening to the message below.

Article link: Asking the wrong question.

Sermon Link: Recipients of His Riches
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The greatest treasures of God cannot be bought or sold, and their value cannot be calculated. Nor can they be traded or bartered to acquire more. The Lord has already deposited His riches into our spiritual bank accounts, and as believers, we need only to utilize what is ours. In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about some of the many treasures we have in Christ that we often fail to recognize.


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